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At ebs/Growth, we know you want to be the envy of other B2B business leaders—able to grow your company to the point of being profitable, attracting investors, and making a wildly successful exit. In order for that to happen, you need to immediately increase revenue. The problem is, you don’t have the sales (or sales team) to drive the kind of rapid, sustainable growth you want, which makes you feel paralyzed and uncertain about how to move forward.

We understand how frustrating it is to work so hard and not see the success you deserve. After 17 years of partnering with hundreds of business leaders, we discovered a way to combine proven sales, marketing, and business methods with talent and technology into a framework that results in a nine times more effective sales team. We know it will work for your business too.

Here’s how: 

  1. When you schedule a call to discuss your situation and business goals, we’ll create an individualized action plan to get sales, revenue, and growth on track at your organization.
  1. We’ll work directly with your team to clearly define your marketing message, as well as your sales and growth goals, and put your plan into action, helping you reach up to nine times more prospects.
  1. Armed with a message that will connect you with more prospective buyers than ever before, be prepared to fill your calendar with quality meetings, grow your sales, and surpass your revenue goals in months instead of years.

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So you can stop being crippled by a lack of sales, the wrong (or no) people on your sales team, or failure to go to market, and instead accomplish your goals and achieve predictable year-over-year growth from a best-in-class sales team and overflowing, high-quality pipeline.