Self-Evaluation Form

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1. Our mission, vision, & values are defined, shared, continually communicated, & understood by everyone.(Required)
2. We hire, fire, reward, & reprimand based on our core values, cultural fit, & job performance.(Required)
3. We have a companywide set of common terms & processes.(Required)
4. We have a robust talent acquisition strategy with an execution plan that is measured & tracked.(Required)
5. We have a documented hiring process from talent acquisition to onboarding that has been shared, is understood by everyone, & consistently followed.(Required)
6. We have the proper level of accountability that gives appropriate & timely feedback.(Required)
7. Our expectations are clearly defined, communicated, and understood by everyone.(Required)
8. We have assigned 4 to 6 clear & objective job function success numbers.(Required)
9. We have an effective capture process for timely feedback to innovate & problem solve.(Required)
10. We have an effective sales leader.(Required)