Grow your Sales and Increase Revenue

Proven sales-generating methods you can execute, even with limited expertise or resources, so you can go to market and rapidly grow your sales.

Build Your Team

Fill Your Pipeline

Go to Market and Grow

Be the envy of other B2B tech business leaders and entrepreneurs, able to grow sales and increase revenue to the point of being profitable, attracting investors, and making a wildly successful exit.


Book your calendar with quality leads


Make your investors happy and attract more interest


Build an overflowing, high-quality pipeline


Achieve predictable growth and revenue


Exceed YoY growth goals


Quit worrying about sales

We understand how it feels to work so hard to develop a game-changing product or service and not be able to get it to those who need it because you’re struggling to grow sales.

After 10+ years of sales training, coaching, and consulting and hundreds of thousands of cold calls completed on behalf of businesses just like yours, we’ve developed the technology to produce with one person what would normally require a team of 15 sales development reps.

Get started is easy.

1. Schedule a call.

We’ll work together to understand your situation and business goals and create an individualized action plan to get sales, revenue, and growth on track at your organization.


2. Execute your plan.

After helping you to clearly define your marketing message, as well as your sales and growth goals, we’ll put your plan into action. Our proven process will help you reach up to nine times more prospects!

3. Sell and grow.

Now that your message has connected with more prospective buyers than ever before, be prepared to fill your calendar with meetings, grow your sales, and surpass your revenue goals in months instead of years.

Is your business able to perform in this new economy?

Our 90-minute Go-to-Market Assessment includes review of the following:




Call Scripts




New Customer Pursuit Campaigns


List Development Practices

Access your predictable revenue calculator now.

It’s about time you figured out this “sales thing” and unlocked your business’ true potential.

At ebs/Growth, we understand how discouraging it is as a leader to spend so much time and effort building your business, only to be stymied in your growth by a lack of sales. If you’re ready to dramatically grow your sales so you can increase revenue, attract new investors, or position yourself for a wildly profitable exit, let’s talk.