Sales Talent

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Use a data-driven approach to recruiting. Hire top performers.


Salespeople are good at selling themselves. Recruiters want to earn their commission. Sadly, this often means you don’t hit your revenue numbers because your salespeople cannot deliver.

ebs/growth matches employers with the right sales talent.

We start by focusing on your needs; instead of the people we happen to have on file. Then we target the right candidates, including passive candidates. Our approach is data-driven and people-centric, which enables us to find candidates suited for your specific role.


  • Consistently fueled talent funnel saves you time and gives you an edge over the competition
  • Well-crafted messaging means you’ll engage and attract passive candidates
  • Quality candidate vetting eliminates those who interview well but can’t produce results

Having the right sales talent directly impacts your bottom line, so shouldn’t you change how you find candidates?