Sales Data

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Let data do your prospecting.
Close more deals.

Now that there are more ways to communicate, it’s even harder to get a response.

Emails frequently go unanswered. Calls go directly to voicemail. Eight out of ten Americans are on social media, but which platform do they frequently use? Our process helps you get through so you can start conversations.

ebs/growth lets you target the right people in the right channel.

Don’t waste your sales team’s time dialing numbers that will never be answered. We build lists specifically for you with human validation. This lets your sales team start conversations where the prospect is receptive to being contacted.


  • Increase the number of direct and mobile numbers for more conversions
  • Drive efficiency in your outreach since email deliverability, LinkedIn accuracy and human telephone response is all validated
  • Increase the time your salespeople spend doing what they do best: making a connection that leads to a deal
  • Receive a personalized message for each contact

Since the way people communicate has changed; shouldn’t you change how you connect with prospects?