Sales Analysis Booklet

As the pundits continue to ratchet up the likelihood of a looming economic downturn, have you begun to ask yourself, “is my team capable of seeing us through a rescission”?  

Most sales team have only known a growth market, except for a quarter blip from the shutdown. 

Selling in a down economy takes different skills & more work.  If you don’t have answers to:

  • Is my sales management team helping or hurting our effectiveness?
  • Do we recruit salespeople effectively?
  • Do we hold our sales team accountable?
  • What are our current sales capabilities?
  • Why isn’t our sales cycle shorter?

You might want to consider doing an analysis of your sales team’s effectiveness & develop an improvement plan before we’re completely in the midst of a downturn. 

Download a sample of this comprehensive sales effectiveness & improvement analysis from Objective Management Group (OMG). ebs/Growth partners with OMG to offer highly comprehensive analysis tools.