Questions to ask before Building a GTM Strategy

21 Questions to put you on the Path to Success

Too often a company’s go-to-market (GTM) plan looks like this: overly complicated & difficult to execute. The reason is simple to understand, but maybe not very easy to pull together–It’s because of how many variables are involved in creating your GTM strategy.

Below we’ve laid out the 21 most essential questions to answer so that you can develop a simple & effective GTM strategy for your company.

  1. What is the size of your total addressable market?
  2. On which segment of the market can you have the biggest impact?
  3. What is the business case for the problem that you solve for that specific segment?
  4. How competitive is your market?
  5. How challenging is it to differentiate yourself from the competition?
  6. What is your average contract value?
  7. What are the problems with those alternatives?
  8. What is your average customer lifetime value (use 3-years)?
  9. What are all of the alternatives that your potential customer has?
  10. What is better about your solution than those alternatives?
  11. How can you start conversations with your future customers?
  12. What skills are required to start & hold those conversations?
  13. How many conversations do you need to have to get to a meeting?
  14. How many 1st time ever meetings (different logos) do you need to win one sale?
  15. How long is your sales cycle?
  16. How many are involved in the sales process?
  17. How many sales do you need per [time frame] to achieve your revenue goals?
  18. What is the level of activity needed to get one meeting?
  19. What are your time/activity constraints, i.e. # meetings, # conversations, # attempts per day?
  20. What size team do you need to handle your biggest constraint?
  21. What tools are available to reduce the size of your team?

After reading these twenty-one questions, how confident do you feel in your ability to answer them & then formulate them into a plan?

For an objective measurement, you can evaluate the maturity of your sales function for growth using this self-diagnostic tool:

How Can We Help?

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