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Outsourced Sales Development and strategy that helps you excel.

Our 6-week program is designed for organizations that need more meetings, teams that need to move up in the market, and salespeople that are struggling to figure out why they aren’t’ landing more conversations.

We will work with you to provide you with at least 300 qualified conversations to gain market insights, build future and current pipelines, and build an effective call framework.

On-Demand Professional Callers

ebs/Growth works with teams that have decided to outsource their sales development strategy. We will validate a list of 2,000 of your ideal prospects and guarantee that we have at least 300 conversations to gain market insights to equip your team with the information they need to sell. Our messaging session with your team will build an effective call framework, follow-up call framework, follow-up email, workflow, FAQ answers, common objections, and build effective rebuttals. During the last two weeks of the project, your sales team will shadow our professional callers and we will train them to transition the process back to your in-house team.


Guaranteed Monthly Results

Re-Asses Cold Leads

Produce Results In Hours, not Months

No Long Term Contracts

A Team of Callers
Built Just for You.

Whether you need to outsource completely or supplement your existing team, you can engage us in several different ways to align with your budget and needs. We have monthly retainers for a guaranteed set number of meetings per month, pay per appointment or pay for blocks of hours.

If you have a backlog of inbound leads, old leads that are not being activated, events to invite your ideal customer profiles (ICP) to, or following up with your ICPs at an event that you just attended. If you use the phone in any capacity, we can help.

Pay Monthly, Per Appointment, or Hourly

Professional Team Focused on Calling for You

Training to incorporate our process into your team

Our team’s focus is calling alone, therefore we can produce results faster than any other method

Money Back Guarantee

We offer big numbers and big results, and we want to make sure you get the experience that we promise you. We know there’s so much “sales magic” baloney out there, which is why we offer satisfaction or your money back.

Let us show how your team can perform with the help of ebs/Growth. As a preview of our services, we will work with one of your salespeople and double their conversations in 14 days or your money back. That’s more conversations and more meetings without the risk.


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