The Anatomy of a High Performing Sales Team

A high-performing team will always be an essential ingredient for building a successful business.

Teams are both highly desired and inescapable. Any leader worth their salt will tell you building a great team isn’t something that just happens. It takes planning and effort to get right.

In this blog, we are going to dissect the anatomy of a high-performing team.

Core Components of an Efficient Sales Team

You need a team, and that team must include the right professionals with the right skills. Each organization has its own culture and therefore must be structured differently. Task delegation will depend a great deal on that culture and structure, but at a minimum, you’ll need the following seven professional roles on your team.

  • Hiring Manager – Someone has to find talent, negotiate compensation terms, and handle the onboarding tasks to incorporate new team members. In a large organization, you may have a dedicated hiring manager or a human resources department. In a smaller organization, the sales manager may serve in this role.
  • Sales Trainer – This person trains the sales representatives to manage their company’s sales process and integrates them into the company culture. Again, smaller teams may have a sales manager fill this position.
  • Lead Generator – If your organization is large enough, you could have dedicated lead generators, often known as sales development representatives. On smaller teams, your sales representatives will probably generate their own leads.
  • Sales Representative – Sales representatives are the core of your sales team. Everything else must revolve around your sales reps if you want them to be productive agents.
  • Account Manager – An account manager handles the account after it has been closed, so their role is primarily to service customers’ needs post-sale.
  • Customer Service – If you do not have any account management roles on your team, someone will need to handle customer needs as they arise after the sales process.

Not all of these professionals need to answer to the sales manager, but the sales manager must be able to cooperate with each of these professionals within the organization and be aware of their roles in the process.

Characteristics of a Sales Team

  • No One Steals the Spotlight – In a high-performing team, everyone’s opinion is valued equally, it’s never a case of he who shouts loudest gets heard. In your group work, is there an equal distribution of talking time, or is the balance off with one or two people constantly dominating the discussion? Quieter employees may feel inferior, less talented, or capable than their louder colleagues. Consequently, you miss out on the thoughts and ideas of a quiet team member, and you can struggle to solve problems.
  • There Are Fewer Disputes – In a high-performing team, the last thing you expect to find is disputes that disrupt teamwork. That’s because most team members have a strong sense of self-awareness. In a team environment, people with self-awareness are like gold dust. They settle disputes well, brainstorm creatively, and work harmoniously.
  • Team Members are Assertive – Picture a line between the words passive and aggressive, that is assertiveness. In a high-performing team, the team members are able to communicate their beliefs and feelings non-offensively and, most importantly, clearly.

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These soft -skills all contribute to emotional intelligence. And, therefore, contribute to team success. The more emotional intelligence a team has, the better that team’s effectiveness. ebs/Growth prides itself in being an industry expert and matching employers with top-notch sales talent. Our approach is unique, data-driven, and people-centric, which enables us to find candidates suited for your specific role. At the end of the process, your sales team should be fully staffed and operating at a level that makes it easier for the sales manager to efficiently manage the team without breaking the bank. For more information on our services contact us here.

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