Take the Guesswork out of
Recruiting Top Sales Talent

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Improve candidate screening and get better results.

How many times have you hired new sales talent only to be frustrated by a lack of results and high attrition? Finding top sales talent is difficult, especially when you don’t have a system of assessment and evaluation to accurately assess those who can and will sell. Companies that don’t use robust systematic assessments average only 49% quota attainment and a whopping 19% attrition rate. Ebs/growth has a proven sales talent recruitment system that builds a better sales team and helps them, and you, succeed.

our tools have 91% a success rate

Build Your Sales Hiring Process

Building the right sales team doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Most business owners struggle to find the right candidates, and even when you find one, how do you train them and give them tools for success? It’s hard to wear all the sales training hats when you also have a company to run. That’s why we help you develop your own proven sales hiring process.


of our recommended candidates are in the top half of the sales force within one year. Only 26% of non-recommended candidates achieve this.

of our assessed candidates attain their sales quotas compared to 49% that are assessed by traditional methods.

attrition rate once hired. An improvement from 19% when assessed with traditional methods.

Build A Team For Success

Our CEO has spent two decades working with hundreds of business leaders to build successful sales teams. He combines his knowledge as a former Sandler Trainer with proven evaluation and assessment methods that help you find the right talent and give them the tools that they need to meet their goals.

You might think you can leave it to chance and still recruit top sales talent. However, our decades of experience has shown it takes the right combination of evaluation and assessment to hire high-quality, motivated talent. We’re so confident in our process, we even offer a money-back guarantee! Contact us for details on how our system can work for you.

A 7-Step vetting process that delivers candidates who aim to succeed

Assessments that Identify Strengths and Provide a Roadmap to Better Results

Sales talent evaluation and consultation that helps you continue to train and develop sales talent.

Ongoing support through training and sales data to support your sales team as it grows.


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