Episode 9 – Matt Belkin – hypergrowth trends, changes in the B2B buyer and the importance of developing a truly buyer centric growth plan

Let’s talk hypergrowth! The Talent, Sales & Scale Podcast is back for Episode 9 with Matt Belkin, Founder at GrowFlare. Host Bryan Whittington is joined by Matt – who is a true hyper-growth practitioner. Bryan and Matt dive into his time in hyper-competitive environments, what he learned about the success he enjoyed, and what must be done to see success today.

Here are some key takeaways from the episode:

-the B2B buyer is changing – don’t be the next Blockbuster!

-developing a buyer-centric approach to your growth plans is mandatory

-tactical tips on the tools you can use to scale 

GrowFlare’s website:

Matt’s Linkedin:

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