Episode 73 – Janet McKee – Achieving Stressless Success

On Episode 73, host Bryan Whittington is joined by Janet McKee, CEO and Founder at SanaView. Janet’s mission is to inspire and teach people to Embrace a Better Life; a life that is more successful both professionally and personally. Bryan and Janet have a great conversation covering the following: 

[4:26][5:40] – It’s not about positive mindset & grit alone

[7:04][11:37] – It’s your view of stress, struggles & challenges that determines your results

[18:39][24:14] – Energy is based on feelings & feelings is based on thinking – positive thinking leads to positive energy leads to positive feelings

[27:29][29:47] – A little change to your mindset & if you take ownership of your feelings results will come – work on you, not things that you can’t control

[4:03][35:33] – Challenges are good in grow us into who we’re supposed to be

[40:10][42:34] – Productivity doesn’t mean anything if it’s not producing results – do this to produce results

[43:48][45:14] – Do these 3-things to change your energy

[48:31][51:18] – acknowledge your feelings & dial into the right energy

[52:56][54:16] – Resources & contact info 

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