Episode 71 – Lauren Ahrens – How recruiting & sales are analogues

Episode 71 features Lauren Ahrens, Board Member at TALK. Lauren comes to the show with +15 years of experience focused on the development and delivery of data and technology-driven Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Operations for the Global Fortune 500. Get ready for an eye opening episode about how similar recruiting and sales are to each other! 

[7:55][11:07] recruiting is sales

[22:32][26:12] – characteristics & traits of a good recruiter

[26:51][30:02] – sourcing candidates – focused role, yet we all source

[31:32][36:26] – professional persistence

[36:33][38:06] – use sales development tactics to recruit

[39:01][42:11] – what to look for in a recruiter

[46:43][48:27] – most important thing to do – get to know your candidates

[49:38][51:11] – sit with your sales team & know your elevator pitch 

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