Episode 6 – Matthew Toth – Getting your first sales hire right, bringing kindness and empathy to sales leadership and coaching teams to success

Get ready! Episode 6 is chock FULL of valuable and tactical advice on growing your sales team. Bryan Whittington is joined by Matthew Toth, VP of Sales at The Neat Company to talk about attracting the right talent, retaining that talent by developing a strong culture, and keeping them accountable while being kind.

On Episode 6, Matthew and Bryan cover:

-the character traits needed for a great first sales hire

-how to build a performance improvement plan that actually works

-the importance of coaching your team to be better people, not just better employees

Plus SO much more! This episode will leave you with a path towards success in building a winning sales team!

The Neat Company’s website:

Matthew’s Book recommendation: The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

You can connect with Matthew on LinkedIn here:

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