Episode 5 – Melanie Robb – Hyper – growth through diversity of thought, the true meaning of inclusion and tactical tips on hiring in today’s market

On Episode 5 of The Talent, Sales & Scale Podcast – host Bryan Whittington is joined by Melanie Robb, Founder/CEO of Melanie Robb Consulting Company. Melanie has kept a “front-line” view on what it takes to see growth in business over the last 20 years and shares her insight with Bryan on what works today.

Here are some key takeaways from this actionable and insightful episode:

-Diversity of thought isn’t a buzzword phrase – it takes real work – especially on uncovering  your own “unconscious bias”

-The difference between diversity and inclusion

-Current tips on what to watch for and best practices when hiring in today’s job market

Melanie Robb Consulting Company’s website:

You can connect with Melanie on LinkedIn here:

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