Episode 42 – Nick Capozzi – scaling your presence on LinkedIn while scaling your business

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you can use LinkedIn to scale your business – Nick Capozzi, CEO of Sales Pitching is here to give you the FACTS! Our host Bryan Whittington is joined by Nick, who truly walks the talk when it comes to building a presence on LinkedIn while scaling his own business. You won’t want to miss this value packed episode!

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Welcome everybody to our first time ever on YouTube live is worth streaming this podcast with Nick composi it was the man the myth the legend unbelievable guy I mean he's he's coming to us through a couple of introductions well the way that you probably know Macy's just absolutely killing it on on LinkedIn putting out some great content and if you look at the views that he has it's pretty darn impressive as a really curious background your company Nick is just Simply put the sales pitch right still pitching like six months ago I got the domain and like how is that available I got fired over that one so yeah so he's got sales pitching super good guy unbelievable radio voice completely jealous and in that to boot a good smile so sort of a godnick welcome Spotify podcast for goodness sake so welcome back control but can you do on my PR Brian I'm there for you and he has a big manly beard so you got that so you know you're you're just telling me a story you know you're fairly new to this I think you said you started October 13th was it so I had I had a LinkedIn account prior to October 13 but I never used it so I left my job job in September and in October I said OK let's let's see what's happening on the Internet here and so yeah I started posting regularly he was he was in and around October 13th but I I'm at three months now I think so yeah so he thought this thing called the Internet we don't know her but heard of it before so we stumbled his way on it and now it's like really followers and then whenever you look at it it was just amazing the number of comments and interactions that happen so you know let me go off there and say other than that bad trouble life we should listen you why should we listen to you on how to create content how to go and get followers how to really engage people on on LinkedIn or just I guess you have a couple of different mediums for which we can you can tie other people he had said that Brian is I spent 20 years being forced to master repor building and I think that is what's giving me the the tools to be able to to kind of great content plus knowing side more I think going to College in Canada for radio and TV so it did help a little bit with the video so I just went back to back with two Canadians here I think that I'm going to get thrown out of the states here pretty soon so son of a gun so alright so we're about the border again so alright it's gotta be more than that dumb Reporter I mean report really I mean how you're doing a video how are you connecting report right off the bathroom video so when I tell you I mean when I build when I'm doing a video I'm building rapport with the audience is just in the digital form right that's what I have to do but it's because of my background which is which is pretty unique so I was in radio and TV in Canada for about five years and then one day someone said nothing of course the next thing I know I'm stepping onto a cruise ship in my hand has been 20 years in the cruise business and we used to pitch all the live doing free so I mean everything from liquor tobacco color on bars all the way into Swiss watches high end jewelry and why I had to learn how to build repor ASAP was so you're you're in Pennsylvania right Brian I am MPA yes OK so what's the weather like today in January it's Gray's whole entire week it's cold and miserable snow on the ground but not enough that you can have fun perfect so let's say with a paranormal world you hop on an airplane you get to Miami and get on anything spectacular standing right the way the hardware the ship itself is amazing but you know they there's the spa in the casino and all these revenue departments trying to to compete for vacation dollar plus since you're coming from PA there's also the sun right that you haven't seen in months So what I had to do was on that first eBay so for leap in Miami and literally it's it's beautiful where the ocean it's sunny it's noon people are having lunch at the free buffets I gotta get you down into the dark theater for an hour to assuming product page 16 products in 60 minutes so I basically had an 18 hour window from the time you got on the ship to get you to meet you will report with you get you interested in what I was talking about and distract you from all these other amazing things that was happening in this presentation so that story right there really showed I'm guessing a lot of what you're doing report now question do you know the step by step 'cause I started jotting down a couple of things that I notice when you were doing that but you know are there specifics that you were trying to do in that story to build repor well I think I can what I'd like to hear unvarnished your your feedback on that I'm actually really curious OK so here's what I'm picking up one it started off by engagement hey Brian aren't you from Pennsylvania shows me that you care so you did a little bit of research then you started from were up before on that I could have taken everything any which way but you then took that as the baseline now will engage because we're now talking about me where I live and it's all about me what's in it for me then your animation within it your your back and forth hands up smiling moving back and forth so a lot of animation there and then storytelling using very descriptive words very visual guard going down in the dark sun of them right so it works amazing amazing like all of these very descriptive language I'm thinking that's all the different ways that you're building in repor engagement modulating your voice alive that you know so it is I appreciate it and I love that you picked up on those things but here's the thing those who become so subconscious for me that I don't think about them anymore and it's interesting that it's often I have to really go back and think to keep something like that to someone that was the reality so I was this this radio guy who know how to do one thing right and I was talking with Tim Bowen Davies handling is when they threw me on a stage this is where it got really interesting I have about 20,000 hours of live pitching to about 500 point in time so I don't constantly be reading body language from a crowd and the weights of consciously after 20 years we idle infer is based on this taking all parts of the United States Boston to Seattle to Denver and the message that I give in theory relates to his many of those people as possible is when I take that live experience really all that body language I'm talking the same way if I were on a stage as I am in a few so conceptually at least at least in my mind you know that those skills and that subconscious behavior bring all that body language translates to the smaller screen even in an easier way guys I think why when I started posting videos in October how is very fortunate traction so quickly was just based on one of those things and I'll tell you which super fascinating information you and I started talking was I came from this distinct PETA SeaWorld I mean it was has been to see as a God and I was just fascinated watching you talk in Hindi and maybe the pina be the mechanics of it all and it was just such different games so I'm trying now you know it's easy to talk about reporting the PC building experience but what I'm trying to figure out is how do I take something like that and maybe possibly apply it to me to be at least looking from third party coming in with fresh eyes right so so two questions after that so we're going to come back to that database will market and out there but you also mentioned the fact that you and whenever you're in front of an audience whenever you're presenting to a larger stage a lot of times I'm not sure like if you're this way but you get that energy from the crowd and it's fun and that's where the engagement partisan it's almost infective right we we want more of it we wanted to see more more feedback so how were you able to translate back to video because one thing that really surprised me is as I was doing these videos I was making content you really have to ramp up the energy I mean the energy level for you to do video seems to be FedEx in a typical conversation 'cause it might be 3 to 5X when you're on stage but it almost seems to ramp up even more on videos is that the case too how did you get that to translate the video so you know what all these people have talked and laughed too much the ones asking that and you nailed it and that was the first day of radio broadcasting school at Humber College in Toronto in the late 90s they want they said if you don't wanna sound like you're coming across the airwaves with 100% energy you have to put 150% energy into that microphone yeah just something that I've carried ever since and you know the more amped up and energy not only help to control the conversation but keeping each month and that she really 'cause again I'm trying to get you to sit there for an hour on a ship in terms of how the comparison of video July I've pretty much the same find videos I do the way I'm talking you now it's going to be the same type of energy in the videos it would be the same one if it was on stage the only difference on stages I would have the opportunity to move around the stage and and move within the crowd and that also really shifts the dynamic you know think about that think of all these live when we're at the pants all these times people are usually stuck behind the podium everybody very rarely using the stage but imagine now stepping down off the stage and actually walking into the crowd that level of interaction is really interesting to think about a couple of things off of that one for those of listening is stop listening and watching to watch us on YouTube here because you gotta see next body language hand gestures now he is I'm guessing that's not Irish composing right that's you know it's funny my father is Italian my mother's Irish from Galway I have an Irish European English Irish so you don't have any temper whatsoever so he is Italian so is that like just your personality really gregarious and and so hand gestures or part of it I mean did you grow up that way or if you ended up even more with what you're what you've learned in learning in and being more intentional I'll tell you exactly what it is was growing up in Montreal in my mind the true hybrid of a European city in the North American market so there's more European cities in the province of Québec which is the French part of Canada like Quebec City is few you'll really feel like you would be in Europe if you didn't know but Montreal is shooting mix and that Europe European ideal and language that compose people away when I was like 14 and 15 my buddies were talking about architecture and art like we actually had an appeal to that and there was that that European influence and and a lot of what I do then gregarious as you put it to me that's just that it was a European upbringing you know that that so in my house you know we were you know third generation tien second generation Irish but just standing on the street corner all these these people in this European North American city so we did we were talking with their hands we had to you know to keep up with with everyone else there's actually to make mentality that is very unique to my jaw I've been a lot of places and very forced to travel a lot but much also pretty special city and if you if you ever had the chance if you haven't been definitely go make sure it's between June and August no that's what I attributed to is that the European that I wish I lived in a North American market but in a lot of ways the city raised me to be European that's that's where I try all that too asking such good questions right because you're opening up some WR you're opening up a lot of doors so you send me down some gravel so I'm trying to stay focused and stay on track for you but on the point you ask me stuff people don't ask me I love it so let's time that then to the beat of the facade right because mostly to be there are features benefits or a Y days things which are snorefest oftentimes right speaking to the financial choir technical user and all that good stuff so how do we take what you're doing and take that beta beta more to the beta seed and put more energy emotion and make that process easier is that what you're trying to do or talk to me a little bit about how you're trying to bring me to see under the beta B space so I am exploring right now like it's it's it's really nice to get out there and have some traction early so that you know I can experiment to try and figure stuff out but this is what led to you and I having an initial conversation a couple months ago was right I need someone to kind of take me through some something to be here because it was so it was blocked me off guard right I just made a lot of assumptions and you know the way I look at it I don't I don't know yet how how you could really bring needed to see into a beautiful world I had some initial thoughts and ideas mostly do I think around just taking the time to get to know who I'm talking to right because I'm talking to a person at the end of the day person whoever I'm trying to sell something to a person they got LinkedIn profile they have legs they have dislikes what's in that profile that's an opportunity missed where they from is really your selling into like 2025 major US cities generally right so we know about those cities which we talked about before wise festival wives and not that you want to open up a conversation but you want to have those arrows in your quiver right whenever possible there's a ton of Easter eggs and profiles you know stuff like which was cool one that's often missed his like real connections I I was talking to someone today and I said hey I noticed you're connected to you know Marco Scott do you actually know martial Oh my gosh I totally know mark was like I used to work with mark was that conversation went in a completely different direction based off the 15 seconds I put into looking at the mutual connections in the 15 seconds I talked to described then right and in my mind and I'm sure you have people way smarter little thing like you listen to this right now but in my mind if I'm gonna try and sell like me to be product let's say there's 10 products out there that they're looking at right how do I get into the top three how do I build I sent her on her side for me how do I get someone giving me you know feed that real feedback and in real conversations and getting them to be the person that wants to work with me right so how can I get ahead quickly so that's kinda how it still it's it's not even half baked I mean I'm still stirring up the batter before throwing it in the oven but it's just like it's a curious thing to me and I just find it super fascinating so let's talk through that because there's a couple of things space everybody's you know over over amazing right there there's just no time for anything so they oftentimes lose a lot of it small talk and you know I grew up in Sandler and you learn blonde wanting it before and so there there seems to be two different types of personalities one type of personality is and you might my report building with you is getting right into it to show that I'm on point and get after business the other side of it is more the relational side and so you have these two different types of sales and and I think the ideal approach is know how to be a chameleon not to be and if you live in a bad way but manipulate how you communicate to the way that that person was to be in front of you but there's I would guess there's still fundamental ways that you're doing it 'cause clearly you're crushing it your numbers are showing it so it's not avoid the repor side on the personal piece right 'cause that's a lot of times what you know and if need be training they're going to say skip the small talk go right into the right into the heart of it just get after it but you're suggesting no go back to what what was written by Dale Carnegie how to win friends and influence people and have a conversation with them so how are you talking with super busy people bringing in that bonding repor that that relation alside keeping it quick enough that you're going to get down to business and get things done well I if I'm getting on the phone with anyone I have the time which I which I usually do I try to budget in time to spend 2 minutes 3 minutes looking to profile before I get on a call with you 15 minutes or anything it's three to five minute or two to three minutes for goodness sakes that's what it is but the answers roll there right like here's here's a super easy one one of the three day courses or a week online courses right now offered by major universities in something really specific right people tag that on their LinkedIn all the time specially like there's a lot of Ivy League schools and stuff you know some people I I went on two year you know radio program I don't have a four year degree but some people actually type that at the top to look like an Ivy League school contract negotiation class it's interesting Brian I notice you took the contract negotiating class at X what did you learn was like the best can take away from the house so curious miss Myspace right yeah over that the war my gosh wow you took the truck he took the time right but maybe they're like that's a great question I'd love to answer that and then it allows them to be the hero as opposed to being you yeah but the other thing that you did there is you didn't say well he went to that the negotiating course of Ivy League school of choice and then jumped right into it you added a second layer there hey I saw that you went to there on this topic now let's talk about you talking about you what was it what was your biggest takeaway that it seems so interesting so it gives them to open up to talk about themselves and people seem to like to talk about themselves for something anyone which really opens them up and then they can go along the whole entire sales process now feeling more comfortable with you I guess that's that's kind of what comes out of it 100% and I'll tell you one of the one of the At the big deal that I close recently was my nischal conversation the person had that they used to be a minor League hockey coach right so that's easy for me as a Canadian let me let me let me let me pick it that a little bit I saw that you could coach well actually you know what it was in upstate New York I actually played hockey in Plattsburgh state Oh no way the Cardinals and then it became a 15 minute conversation of man I really missed the Hartford whalers which is if you don't know hockey is completely they were from Connecticut originally I don't have to sell anything they were like so just tell me so what's the pricing and just give me the features real quick OK great sure let me just run it by the sell anything I just want to talk hockey 'cause no one's calling him to talk about hockey yeah what a pleasant distraction that I have because and I'm quoting I I just heard any policy this I just want to acknowledge you know he said the other day in sales people were professional interrupters so I'm gonna distract you right would be a pleasant distraction alright would you like to talk a little hockey for a few minutes if you haven't talked hockey in a couple weeks if that's your thing so that's interesting right now in like her in the back of my deck it's going against everything in me that I've always taught because some people that would that would drive them crazy going to that that personal talking piece but clearly it's working now have you ever found that hasn't worked for you or maybe it backfired like OK let's come back to backfiring in terms in terms of regular day today everyone wants to talk about it but I think it's because I have so many repetitions of doing it and I'm I'm I don't even think about what I'm looking for anymore I just look at it kind of all computes if they're like Oh yeah yeah OK great hey let's get it now this is interesting is actually posted a video on this I said to people you know ask people where they're from what you know about these major in 2025 US cities based on what I've seen backfired on me one fine right because I asked him whether from it it became a major issue and I'm like interesting I never thought of it that way it was not me 'cause I get on the cruise ship everyone wants from somewhere right right I'm trying to get my staff was from Croatia and South Africa in Colombia you get to know who Brian I can teach them about you know well on either side of PA there there are lot Eagles fans on western tonight let us Steelers fans I can't I can't get that granular but working from this part just ask why people want to be nice questions people OK then here this is one thing I used to teach my non Americans I live in America now have a very proud American colors people would walk on a cruise ship and you would see a flock of people wearing University Wisconsin sweatshirts while you know where they were from but there is that trifle miss the different parts of the country and it's always on display and after you know our loved ones and ourselves we'd love to talk about water from give me excuse to talk about Arizona talking her off about 300 million blue skies here right right so that was always in anything easy opener and it was just a great conversation topic great conversation starter got it so part for the one that was it came in HR issue but two things are coming out of this you seem to genuinely care I do with her I have that so I think of it keepes right because you were relational at the core and I think a lot of times if people aren't that super relational it can come across as maybe forest or disingenuous of like hey I know I have to do this now So what would you say to that that maybe that introvert that is so transactional or tactical they just you know they were thinking about do do do rather than BBB related question for them I would talk about OK where we're getting right into the demo or we're gonna you know go quickly through this what's the temple in Page you're talking about right because even if you're an introvert you still gotta go to 30 minutes 60 minute presentation which you tempo or you pausing right because there's still ways to really keep engagement and pull people who hold peoples attention and and this is again assuming 'cause I really took the relational you know one way or another but this when I was hiring people you are hired a lot of people by train I trained my training but 100 people to Chris business over the years but I would I wouldn't take someone out of a Starbucks right on land and saying you're not gonna believe me I got this crazy cruise ship job that pays really well and you just hurt your the clay that I need and you don't have to know anything about the sales I'll teach that but you have what I need which is that relational relationship building ability you know and maybe maybe it's just the space I worked in very few people over the years who are under me so so maybe there's a blind spot there for me but I always say you know or even for me when when someone wants to go or you wanna talk about hockey great let's get right into the agenda I make sure that might delivery is really well focused so I came to engage if I couldn't get them engaged off the hop how do I keep them engaged throughout so let's let's talk about how do we keep on getting through So what what should we be thinking about on on the pace on deposits like you do so well how you come up and down and leveraging your your hand gestures so any any tips and tricks and again everyone listening to this definitely jump on the on the video and watch what Nick is doing because it's really rather quite brilliant even from the way he opens up his eyes to engage off of it a minute it's full body language right so watch nature Genesis right there standard to important sales there's theater to that yeah coming on sale are they always used to save sales or whatever leadership sales teaching it's Broadway play put on by a bunch of psychologists so you gotta act know the other power what the other person is thinking and how to engage with them at a psychological level so and I think that's what you just get in some people just get that intuitive so that's original question the one thing that I always advise people do when they have they won't do it very difficult to get them to do it is watch their own team so I mean when I started on cruise ships I mean it was literally the year 2000 people would FedEx me a chess teams and I would sit there and I would watch their 60 minutes breakdown tape I mean I was watching tape 20 years ago and if you watch your tank you very quickly find your own French words you'll find if you have tempo issues unless you're flying to it but if you have a base understanding of what you're looking for you'll catch them pretty quick and you know one thing I suggest people time is you know what you really want to find your crutch words you know record yourself and open up a Word document click dictate play back the video and you'll get the recording and just actually read through it instead of even watching it 'cause when you watch it here you'll those crutch words and stuff will kind of you know step up by him and if you're reading it you really gotta catch them so the first thing is definitely not your team the second thing when it comes to temple is look we have a lot of information we have to get into a really small piece of time so there are gonna be times right now to talk fast but if I talk fast with interacting with templates and changing everything kind of sounds the same and allusion very quickly you're not be able to pay attention to what I'm talking about another if I can play with pace a little bit less is more and that's another thing that when I find people get really stuck on his Oh my gosh I have to say this line 'cause I close Brian on that line and I have to say this line 'cause I close Mary on this line right when I'm building scripts for myself or when I'm taking other peoples scripting and presentations I'm always looking for how to take that paragraph get it down to one sentence and then add a question to it right just to get people to think so if I in my mind when I presented myself very very very unique cruise ship market you know that's that's always how how I looked at it and the pausing in the temple that was all taught from from radio so again you know they won bring 100% energy but we spent two years basically learning how to ad Lib and a lot of that was temple and paste but it's very easy to learn if you will sit down and watch your own tape so it is that is that the trick that is going back you create this content and then go back and listen or watch what you're doing and then fine tune it from there yeah well part of it comes from leadership right whoever is leading use let's say you're on a sales team you know one thing I learned quickly was because I did I actually lived in Christian history little over a year ago I had a regular job here in Phoenix for a little while and I rebuilt the sales team is all pre covid and I very quickly realized the expectation was for me to be a dashboard manager and if I'm just looking at numbers all day and Add all day and not coaching my Rep Stringer calls right I mean that's that's such a missed opportunity so and I'll be honest with you you know I'm I'm starting to get into more and more sales communities Brian I keep hearing from people I'm not getting the coaching I think I need right check or do I go out and get that so you know never mind you watch you on tape getting someone with your senior in your accountable to to watch your tape is is difficult too but I I promise you if you sit there and you watch tape consistently and people hate it it's one of the most difficult things to do but if you you won't see traction very quickly you will change you'll change your flip the script will change the dynamics yourself it was one of the key pieces so we don't have gone we don't have cores or anything like that right now with what we do so if you have that that's helpful great but I would say even if you have those those types of tools that you should we have each and everyone of our sales Rep is go back and listen to the best of in the worst of which one do you think that did really well you know repeat that one and which one do you think you did really badly on critique that one they recorded and sent to me and I give him different responses are my 2 cents back and daily we're doing best practices on role plays and different things like that and what if you're white because you hate watching it because you know what you want to be doing like Oh my gosh I can't believe I did that right it's just insanity but you don't realize it into your watching the tape but I don't know why it is but that's a key key key takeaway I get that so what's always when I could take so much tampon say here's the three things I may be looking for next week I would just give them three things at a time because if you know and this is from the cruise ship environment they had a lot of it there's responsibilities maybe like these are the three things I'm looking for so when I got them on the phone the next week and I'm watching I would know if the three things with her cousin I asked them to see if they had watched their own team to make sure that they caught those three things yeah in session this too OK you're you're doing all of these calls it is there a certain formula that you're using for the content that you're putting out or a certain formula to like your pudding hang out there because I know a lot of what you have and if you haven't checked it out it's Nick capozzi with twosies Cato or kpo zzi WhatsApp the next day K I can't see that so thank you so but check out what he does because it's not just what he's doing but he really gives some good deep content on there which is I think another piece bring content that people actually want so it is there any formula or way of delivering that you're putting that out you know I'm very experimental for me again I3 with three months into this so posting anything I did video because you know for me to sit down and write something here's how I arrived I'll talk it out and then I'll dictate into Word document and frankly I it's a lot in order for me to attack space post I said let me start with video and I just got in such good traction but then I did experiment with a couple of text posts and I was getting less views than with the video but a text based you can be you scrolling through your phone adjust sliding right over it you in video on LinkedIn you actually click play and watch for minimum of three seconds so I started posting every Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Thursday sorry to engage with a lot of people and I was putting 2 hours into what I consider business development for me which is a combination of you know creating the content engaging the content and then you know everything that kind of spins off off of that I've only put up like 50 or 60 videos however I followed some really smart people when it comes to you know if I can if I can drop one day and there's a gentleman named Jonathan Palmer I believe he runs the Academy for her and Jonathan you know their focus is video but every twice a week you post amazing video on strategy involving video the two things I think I've learned too is I took a break over the Holidays and people started messaging behavior I think some people are putting out so much content take take this weapons content turn into seven pieces of contents you can be everywhere would I try and do is make it really good so that people when they do see locations there's next video let me let me commit 3 to 4 minutes to watch it because that is something I do that Sunday dinner is I most my videos are three to four minutes and I have added that shows me on average people listen to about it watch about one minute but the point is the people who stay and watch the whole thing it's all tide to that same thing I'm talking about so I don't wanna drip that over a couple weeks and make it hard for them I'd rather say look here's here's the actionable I don't waffle this video so here's here's the video concept here's why I think I'd like you should do it this way and you know here's how I do it and then here's the action item and that's one thing that someone told me really early is always have something that's actionable and it does have to be like a call to action I'm not trying to guide them anywhere or sell them anything but how can I actually give you something that you can take in your world so actual website yes thank you thank you for being much better so it's determine the content you went through that again so you remember that not the content the drum the content and let me come back to that attack 'cause that's where people get stuck when it comes in contact so determine the content I'll tell you why I think you should do it that way I'll give you examples of how you know how I've done it or what success I've had from that and then what was the key takeaway was the one thing you could you hold on hold on what the actual insight and it's not that it's not that formulaic it's more just me you know turn on the camera and talking but you know once I get a video on just a random cruise ship storage so here's a funny cruise ship story about a bear in Alaska and that God is much engagement as like the business stuff that I talk about the sale stuff that I talk about which was super interesting because that made me realize wow OK people are you know kind of gravitate Ng to due to content in general even if I switch it up a little bit do you think it's I think I think it's a mix of things I think you know there's definitely a Princess when there's a couple people at coach 101 in creating content and the one thing I tell them right off the bat is even you can get 110th of use 110th interaction 110th 110th and 10th of what I get right you're going to have a huge success with this because people weren't doing it that's the thing in connection pushing video tomorrow one on all of this then it's it's funny when they were talking about this right now but you know there's not enough content on LinkedIn as much content as you think there is enough content and there's not enough video current people are very afraid to put video content so why did you post there in the 16 if you go to my profile once called video 101 which is the very inexpensive equipment I used for $70.00 $40 you can look like a champion and the second one video 2 two is how I use a free software to kind of put it all together and give it that like Kerry beast outlook but that's what I want to circle back to if I May is talking about creating content people get stuck at what do I talk about what value can I give and the reality is is that on whatever level whatever you know about you can talk about because you don't have to be the thought leader in the entire space used to be one rum on the ladder ahead of someone else so you can get value too right and so I always tell people just talk from a place of knowledge this is the easiest way to do it this is here six months of content sit down click record on some sort of recording device and just talk about what you do talk start with five minutes half an hour and then once you have that again with everything open up that Word document click dictating replay the video and you're gonna get a 1012 pages of paragraphs each one of those paragraphs is a font and he's one of those thoughts and supposed right and you know by doing that I can talk to my wife just said something sometimes half an hour reported just talk from place of knowledge about what I know there six months for the content that's really interesting so I hope everybody took that down and it's crappy word that dictate option as well 'cause I've never seen that before on what on word as opposed to an Apple 'cause you're an Apple guy know I have worked I am an applicant but I I have word it's word it's right on the top right hand there's a little microphone on the right hand again I gotta check that out there so you just click on your click on your recording and then it goes to it for you the content not that you have to go out and learn that new but just take what you already know like a love because in reality The thing is that you know the things that you do or likely the way in which you deliver what you know and do is going to be slightly different than when somebody else does so like no that's interesting I haven't thought about that before so you know anybody can you can learn something from some anybody I don't care how smart you are there's always something that you can learn from somebody else so definitely feel free to put it out there and now what do you do you probably don't have this but have you had any negative feedback is especially whenever you start to get good sometimes you get some haters out there I mean first one for you spell your name with the case yeah if you get haters out there for people that are giving you grief So what I mean that means that means that there's there's a lot more people that that are liking what you're doing or are you interested we're doing but here's something super interesting all the work that I've developed on putting these videos is not from my own network it's from expanded network that exposure right right so when I went to post up and then you like her you comment on it that's gonna populate in your Ryan right so now brians first degree connections or are going to see that So what that does is it just amplifies the message so much but there's work I mean it's worked for me to go through especially the beginning I put a lot of hours into going through other peoples posts and finding stuff that was interesting or people that were not the same thing as I was doing but complementary type businesses and so I was adding you know value to their posts want to get a meeting with someone comment on their post for two or three days in a row and then and then send it invite mostly as a guarantee but there was a lot of that back and forth and I think that if you really don't want to create content what you can do is generate content there is a lot of good stuff out there and just be the voice of of what's really good I don't have time to go through everything out there who can do that for me thanks very much you know then I come onto your feet and you just give some context to it right you don't even after you just be like best of the best or whatever it is just in case your own personal brand and then she gave a really good suggestion if you cut and paste the persons URL you know whenever you go to their homepage you cut and pasted URL if you put that somewhere and just click that and you go right to what they what they posted and that's a real quick easy way of staying up with it if you do that 1530 minutes a day you're going to have a lot of engagement with people so that was a great tip by Casey Jones a couple of episodes back great advice and evidence too busy I haven't I haven't gone you know lately to do something like that since I found out about that hack but yeah that obviously it works but but The thing is it's not hard people who work no matter what industry I worked in and and I was a kid like that was a custom home builder in Toronto as soon as I was old enough to bend it than the average double hand weekends and summers this weather was in construction weather was in radio and TV weather was the cruise business whether it's online so that people don't do the work so let's talk about that what's a realistic expectation I haven't gone to my two year school radio and television I haven't had all of these years of experience for us novices a slowly gone God like folks how long should this take so this is this is my pleasure tomorrow is how to get this collection of four weeks you know the reality is if you focus on it but here's the thing it takes about 50 regular lighters and commentors to really get traction every time you post something right so you have to build that base and this is what I'm gonna talk about tomorrow this is my my whole lot of my actual insight is it was 50 conversations I had to get those 50 people regularly like in common it wasn't just an online interaction at minimum you want is voice notes back and forth on LinkedIn but most of those people those 50 people had a 30 minute meeting with that's 25 hours over three months I put 25 hours into building that base but I wanted to learn about them and their business and I wanted to understand understand what I'm doing so that they can refer me as that's right and and these 50 people you want you know people who are also creating content but in a slightly different space if it's all your work colleagues are all commenting on each other stuff you're all kind of you know on that same branch how do you branch off but that was the real key thing was having this conversation so people are like why do you want to have an online meeting I'm like 'cause we've been commenting about each others post for three weeks I'd like to know what you do why do you want to talk to me and I'm like you don't want to right but that 25 hours is what solidified for me that means that you know that the tree I planted that the fruit is his problem and then how about from a weekly perspective to drop those two videos to create the content drops to videos at those things up so if we can hear fortunate enough to have a virtual assistant through so that can help you with it but the timeline for me is so one thing I'll do is all all come and I'll fix my camera put like 48 bullet points about what I'm gonna talk in those two 3 four minutes right OK 'cause the other thing too is a lot of people at videos out there that's in it are you generating your thoughts I don't know what you're doing but if I just turn on the camera and talk and it's OK to stumble in people realize that it's an authentic thought and it's coming out in the middle of it so it's a long way to say I usually thinking about let's say 15 minutes to shoot 3 to 4 minutes I'll shoot it to 3 four times then I just run it through my movie just to edit it and I have a couple little intro outros which takes 2 minutes and then I put it through an online product called coupling KAP free version and that's where I can add subtitles and etc etc that takes the longest epic probably takes you about half an hour at the most of that time is in the sub titling so usually for to get the video that you have seen I put about an hour of actual work into indicating that result got it OK and there's a lot of people popping up to help with this there's Mateo is gonna kill me because I can't remember his last name and there's also James Bowden who's doing this lunch break media so there's some really good good folks out there that if you don't have the time or you don't have the expertise you don't wanna learn it you know there there's people out there to help you out so that won't let that could be an excuse to stop you so man alright thanks this has been awesome stuff I can't thank you enough so let's switch break this down maybe one thing that we should avoid doing 1 one thing that feel like Oh my gosh that was dumb don't do that again that we can learn from you so we don't get that feel the same pain hesitate don't hesitate I waited I should have been doing this years ago nice get after it default action I Journal that everyday default to action best hack for you whether it's it's around talent sales or scale how to hire people how to how to sell stuff still any good one liner good good content that you can give us there the more content that I create the more leaves that I get and the beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur is I now have the right to say no nice and now is one of the most powerful words that you can have in your vernacular alright any resources at your order should recommend any books podcast guys that you would suggest for us other than checking your stuff out especially the 101 video that you made the crew at 5:00 on Friday is absolutely fantastic had a couple people I definitely follow around the Internet or there's a lot of cool stuff going on at red genius if you're looking for sales community there are there newer but it's there's a lot of interesting people that are hanging around there and then you know for video like definitely follow Jonathan Palmer video there's there's no doubt about that and you know we're talking bout live streaming Travis lackner from be snowed is also amazing when it comes to the live stream stuff and that's that's where like we we understand live stream but I think that's going to be the next really big thing that companies start picking up on 'cause they're not there yet yeah absolutely alright so I think that you just went into the other one is you know what do you see the future holding any you know what are you hearing out there what are you preparing for what do you worry that's gonna come up and bite us how's this new app that everyone is on which is kind of like audio only and it's not recorded in these rooms that that got really big over the Holidays in the 2020 spending more and more time in there just curious but also if you're in sales if you want to get access to people that need to get access to just follow them and wait till they're having a conversation and start asking really good questions they'll know you so clubhouse is a big thing live streaming is going to get bigger and bigger and you know I think 2 communities in general and not just in sales I think more online communities after this this year 18 months it's gonna wind up being of isolation I think the need for community is I think people understand it but I think until you actually get into some of these communities and find people who are doing the same thing as you would have the same challenges as you any work is scratching the surface of online communities and I'm not talking social media I'm talking real engaging communities like refuse and stuff that's out there so I had heard about the hadn't heard about the clubhouse he said Oh yeah house be careful it's very addicting it's literally just an app it's an app and I don't know actually it's just these rooms right and he just found him talking so in this one room Michael David Chapman was really interesting is in there with Judy Fox Liam darmody crossweb Bordeaux is in there there's 30 three people in there talking so if you wanted to for example get an audience with Judy Fox whose huge on on LinkedIn is only 30 three people in that room and all having conversation that's actually good I gotta go alright so let me let him run I know underneath it so who should I reach out to you Nick how should they do it and why should people reach out to you so you know what if you're you're accompanying you gotta team underneath you have time to kind of go through tape or or you as a sales leader wants some you know kinda train the trainer if you're looking for your company or whether a solopreneur your company just kind of content strategy especially with with video and you know I touched on a lot of things here but it's really you know I'm just scratching the surface of what we had time to talk about so and the best place to find me is going to be on LinkedIn and it's Nick and I CK composed AP zze just looking for the guy with that the great beard and big smile and you know it said so hey everyone I can't thank you enough this was really fun and really content filled episodes of may composing with a C thanks so much for joining us today I'm really glad that we got to talk any final parting last words thank you you're the best interview I've talked to my typing questions were great and I'm not saying that 'cause I'm talking to you well I appreciate that I'll take that complemented well so thank you so much alright so everyone do something with what Nick Talia for goodness sakes just sitting around learning stuff is pointless knowledge for knowledge think does not help you so could some knowledge for applications take get after it has some fun smile and talk a lot with your hands like that does

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