Episode 39 – James Bawden – The power of personal branding for talent acquisition, the realities of having a full time job and building a brand, and how to communicate culture online

The Talent, Sales & Scale Podcast is back for one last episode of 2020! Host Bryan Whittington is joined by James Bawden, Founder of The Lunch Break Media Group (the producer of this podcast!). James has also spent the last 4 years building a personal brand while continuing his career in Sales Development – and joins the show to talk about what he has learned along the way.

Here are some key takeaways from this episode with James:

-building a personal brand isn’t “one size fits all” – make it your own!

-how having a personal brand changes the hiring process for both managers and potential candidates

-some tactical ways to get past many common barriers to building an online personal brand

The Lunch Break Media Group’s Linkedin Page:

You can connect with James on LinkedIn here:

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