Episode 38 – Galem Girmay – diversifying your sales team, building communities to spread awareness, meeting new talent where they’re at and breaking down the barrier to entry into sales for women

The Talent Sales and Scale Show is honored to have Galem Girmay, Founder of RevGenius on the show! Host Bryan Whittington is joined by Galem, who is the co-founder of the 8,000+ member community RevGenius, Podcast host of “What is Your Legacy” and Account Executive at Flywire. Galem breaks down how business owners can connect with a more diverse talent pool, especially recruiting more women into sales. 

Here are some key takeaways from this value-packed episode with Galem:

-CEO’s need to meet new talent where they’re at – Snapchat, Tik Tok

-Breaking down barriers to entry for a more diverse talent pool 

-Engaging with talent in new ways to build stronger teams

-Be human when connecting with new talent with new communication methods

-Managing multiple efforts through being goal-oriented and focused

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