Episode 3 – Ryan Reisert – From fear of failure to future-focused motivation, being a “connector”, building a growth focused network and using the Platinum Rule

Episode 3 of The Talent, Sales & Scale Podcast is here! Host Bryan Whittington is joined by Ryan Reisert, Author of “Outbound Sales No Fluff”, serial entrepreneur and Sales Director at Connect and Sell. Ryan is a masterful networker and “connector” and Bryan digs into how Ryan has built his massive network over the years.

Here are some key takeaways from Episode 3:

-Identifying a “North Star” set of goals is key – everything you do in building your network should point towards it!

-Be incredibly intentional about the people you spend time with – growth and positivity mindsets only!

-Exercise the “Platinum Rule” when connecting people inside your network

Connect and Sell’s website:

Ryan’s book:

Ryan’s book recommendation, “The Obstacle in the Way” by Ryan Holiday:

You can connect with Ryan on LinkedIn here :

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