Episode 28 – Kyle Smith – Breaking down The Bridge Group data on critical KPI’s for sales development, metrics on what matters in hiring and diving into the data on selling during a pandemic

Attention all data devotees! This episode is for you! Kyle Smith, Director of Sales and Customer Success at The Bridge Group joins host Bryan Whittington to talk about the mountains of data on sales development he is privy to in his role. We love to talk about sales as an art – but this episode is for the statisticians! 

Kyle and Bryan talk about:

-top of funnel KPIs

-analyzing data on attracting top talent

-understanding “the numbers” of sales development

-pay attention to key data benchmarks on a regular basis to direct personal development

The Bridge Group’s website:

Kyle Smith on LinkedIn:

Trish Bertuzzi’s (CEO of The Bridge Group) Book, The Sales Development Playbook:

Matt Bertuzzi’s (Director of Ops at The Bridge Group) Book, Lighting Sales Ops:

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