Episode 24 – Mike Montague – social selling vs social marketing, the power of quality over quantity, developing a social selling process and why keeping it stupidly simple is a recipe for success

Episode 24 of The Talent, Sales & Scale Podcast is live! Host Bryan Whittington is joined by Mike Montague, Global Head of Content at Sandler Training. Mike is also the host of the How to Succeed Podcast and the co-author of Linkedin The Sandler Way – so they dive all the way into the right way to approach social selling. 

On this episode, Bryan and Mike talk about:

-The difference between social selling and social marketing

-quality over quantity when it comes to content, prospects, and talent

-how to engage the right people in the right way on social

How to Succeed Podcast:

LinkedIn the Sandler Way:

Mike’s Linkedin:

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