Brilliant Data Creating Brilliant Results

Obtain some of the most reliable prospect lead data available with no annual contracts. With ebsGrowth’s combined human and technological approach, you can tap into the insights buried in datasets in a meaningful way that delivers concrete results.

Build New Prospect Lists

Enrich Existing Prospect Lists

Conversation in Waiting Leads

Our innovative method makes accurate targeted data easily accessible. With our data as a service (DaaS) program you’ll be able to:


Improve accuracy of prospect data by 16% to 50%


Free up roughly two hours per salesperson per day


Get multi-factor human validation to develop the most accurate information


Increase the amount of direct & mobile contacts


Conversation In Waiting leads, verified to answer the phone


Receive top notch data hygiene management to keep your lists up to date


Only pay for the leads you need with no subscription

Learn how a different data hygiene management approach can change your business. With Conversations in Waiting leads you’ll have prospects with a record of picking up the phone.

Simply defined, our DaaS concept provides a new method for business-critical data to be accessed from within your existing database. In addition, Conversations In Waiting leads will save your team roughly 40 hours a month by not calling on prospects who will never answer the phone.

It’s about time to improve your lead data and realize your company’s full potential.

Customizable plans by project or on a month to month basis. 100$ money money-back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied and no annual contracts. Schedule a call with us today to get started!