Case Study

Sales Talent


InteractOne, an agency providing strategic marketing and e-commerce website development, aimed to streamline its hiring process.

The Situation

The company was interested in increasing productivity and revenue and was looking for solutions to hire, vet, and retain top candidates while making optimal use of the newest technologies and vetting methodologies.

InteractOne was looking for a holistic approach when it comes to vetting, securing, and maintaining top-quality candidates that have specialized expertise and plan to stay at the company long term. Essentially, InteractOne was looking for a hiring service that would streamline the process and eliminate vetting pains.

The EBS Solution

ebs/Growth uses scientifically validated vetting tools and candidate selection methodologies to boost the number of quality hires as well as their retention time at the company. Behavioral analysis was used to evaluate each candidate and determine their fit into InteractOne’s company culture.

ebs/Growth worked with InteractOne to continuously improve the technology and methodology until it fit the company’s wants and needs.

The Result

ebs/Growth helped InteractOne to streamline its hiring process. ebs/Growth offered tools to the InteractOne team that enabled them to make sound hiring decisions quickly. InteractOne CEO Brian Dwyer says, “ebs/Growth allows our team to immediately see the need and use its tools to make effective hiring decisions.”

ebs/Growth also helped the InteractOne team to optimize its resources. Previously, the hiring and vetting of job candidates took hours of valuable time. Since working with ebs/Growth talent services, InteractOne is able to decrease the time spent on the hiring process while increasing revenue.

ebs/Growth’s blended approach of technology tools and assessment techniques helps companies across industries achieve a 60% reduction in candidate screening time as well as increase the likelihood of finding a good hire.

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