Case Study

Sales Talent


Pixoul is an innovation consultancy and staffing firm that helps businesses deliver outstanding digital products. In business since 2016, they previously attracted business by word of mouth and inbound leads.

The Situation

While Pixoul provides staffing and recruiting services, they specialize in the technical and creative side of digital talent, not sales. The company reached the stage where they needed to hire their first sales representative, plus they needed sales training and help with building a complete sales process from square one. They were looking for an expert to help them recruit for a sales position and then lay the groundwork for a sales department.

The EBS Solution

First, EBS narrowed down over 150 candidates to a few candidates to be interviewed. Knowing that Pixoul was looking for someone to do the tactical parts now, grow into the strategic role and eventually be a team lead, they worked with the sales representative one-on-one after being hired. This sales training involved setting goals, doing mock phone calls and other types of training.

Ebs/growth also advised the management team, so they build the right reports and track the appropriate metrics.

The Result

“Our new sales rep has done an excellent job of ramping up the numbers. We went from zero to 250 actions a day,” explained Devon Fata, CEO/president of Pixoul. The ongoing sales training is beneficial for today’s needs, and it plays into Pixoul’s long-term strategic vision.

“If you’re looking for an expert partner to help you establish a sales process, I recommend Bryan, CEO of ebs/growth. He has a great background and has a teacher’s spirit which was extremely helpful since the sales process is a little new for us.”

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