Case Study

Sales Talent


DorothyAI, a start-up founded by lawyers, provides two time-saving tools for patent searching. Dorothy Novelty is used for a general patent search and Dorothy Freedom delivers more in-depth insights by alerting if an invention would infringe on multiple patents.

The Situation

Since the company was founded by lawyers, they understood they have an extremely long sales funnel. Plus, their target audience is a niche area within the legal community. These two factors made it vital to set up calls while their newest tool was being beta tested.

However, the one person running their sales department didn’t have the bandwidth to do cold calling and cold outreach while simultaneously focusing on strategically working with some of the prospects already in the sales funnel.

The EBS Solution

The first step was an in-depth meeting so ebs/growth could understand DorothyAI’s business, products and learn the right wording to use when they discussed the products. Ebs/growth also asked detailed questions about what type of outreach was currently being done, and if they wanted the outreach to change. Ebs/growth was told the number of meetings DorothyAI wanted to get scheduled.

The Result

The representative from ebs/growth was trained on a Friday. Calls were made the following week and DorothyAI had meetings scheduled for the following week.

“We’re a small shop so this was a great way to efficiently use our time and our budget,” said Gillian McTiernan, Esq., chief growth officer at DorothyAI “We’ve had a lot of fruitful meetings set up by EBS. They opened many doors and I foresee closing on some of those sales in the near future. “

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