Case Study

Sales Data

Cloud Age Solutions

Cloud Age Solutions provide telecom service providers, telecom agents and resellers and MSPs with cost-effective software and services that enable network visibility and cost control.

The Situation

Previously, Cloud Age Solutions’ outbound sales approach had mixed results. Cloud Age Solutions had a single sales development representative (SDR) who worked in-house. This approach had limited success for two primary reasons. First, they couldn’t achieve the call volume they needed. Second, they did not have the time or resources to create a complete SDR process to categorize the calls and plan the follow-up, etc.

Since they are in a smaller, targeted market—Cloud Age Solutions sells to small to medium-sized telecom providers—they don’t need 10,000 new names a month. They need an accurate list and a solid process to make sure they were meeting their appointment goals.

The EBS Solution

When they first started working together, the ebs/growth team was very proactive and learned as much as they could about Cloud Age Solutions. They asked questions about their messaging, target companies, user personas and even sat through demos of the product. They spent an enormous amount of time learning about the product to zero in on the best prospects.

The Result

Cloud Age Solutions has been hitting their appointment setting goals almost every month.   

While Bob Norberg, Chief Marketing at Cloud Age Solutions, likes reaching this goal, he says there are additional benefits of working with ebs/solutions. “I really see ebs/growth as an extension of my team. They fill the role of at least one full-time employee, if not two. I’m getting everything I expect out of ebs, plus a little bit more.”

For Cloud Age Solutions, it’s more than simply assuming the work of an employee. It’s a true partnership with ebs/growth handling all the details involved with outbound sales.

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