Case Study

Sales Data

BandyWorks, LLC

BandyWorks created a proprietary software enabling independently owned convenience store operators to have the data they need to grow their business. During the last 15 years, the company has grown by providing this software to C-store operators of all sizes to track critical analytics.

The Situation

As CEO of BandyWorks, Tom Bandy found himself focusing on the product, not selling it.

In the past, he was successful in selling for other companies. As an entrepreneur, however, he realized he didn’t have the time to devote to sales. BandyWorks developed a steady referral business, but they wanted to reach out to some larger accounts. Since their software is an innovative product geared towards early adopters, it was hard to get prospects to respond to their messages. They knew the right companies to contact, but they didn’t know exactly who to call or when to initiate a call.

BandyWorks liked that ebs/growth listened carefully, then tailored the approach to match their budget.

The EBS Solution

The list that ebs/growth provided included the person’s name, the best number to use, and the best time to call. BandyWorks started spending an hour or two a day cold calling and got better results than the previous full-time sales staff did with their old method.

The Result

BandyWorks was impressed with the ROI they received and that ebs/growth delivered in the agreed-upon time frame. The reliable data from ebs/growth enabled them to reduce the number of hours spent prospecting by 75%. They credited ebs/growth for enabling them to get the message to the people who cared about it.

“They add some sales structure, expertise and a delivery that really made a difference for us,” explained Tom Bandy. “We had such a high hit rate that we consider this a model that’s nearly as good as a high-end inbound system.”

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