Grow Your Sales, Faster.

Fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities, and achieve predictable year-over-year growth.

Build Your Team

Increase Your Revenue

Find Your Prospects

Is a lack of sales crippling your growth?


Are you hiring the wrong sales people?


Are you wasting time and money on low-value activities, unqualified leads, or a poor-quality pipeline?


Are you lacking visibility and control of your sales execution?


Are you losing ground to competitors?


Are you falling short of closing funding rounds?


Are you falling behind because of your go-to-market strategy?


Are you missing revenue targets?

Stop worrying about sales, and start achieving predictable growth that will help you to become profitable faster than you ever thought possible.

Get started, or back on track, with our proven system to grow your sales and your business—fast.

Grow Sales

Help your team land opportunities on demand and generate more revenue.

Attract Talent

Build a new, high-functioning, growth-minded sales team from scratch.

Find Prospects

Discover quality prospects that save your sales team time.

We understand how frustrating it is to work so hard and not see the success you deserve.

You’ve put everything you have into your business; shouldn’t you be able to generate sales and grow it at the pace you want?

Prior to founding ebs/Growth, we worked with hundreds of business leaders over 17+ years and have discovered a way to combine proven sales, marketing, and business methods with talent and technology that results in a 9x more effective sales team.

“ebs/Growth’s deep sales expertise and process are enabling us to exceed expectations and achieve fast growth.”

Brad Kriel
Founder and CEO, Velocity Robotics

“I highly recommend ebs/Growth for hiring sales talent: they gave us extremely high quality, heavily vetted candidates, fast.”

Brian Dwyer
President & CEO, InteractOne

Discover the growth plan that’s right
for your business and goals.


Equip your salespeople to sell

Proactive Talent Sourcing
Rigorous Vetting Process
Situational Role-Plays


Achieve predictable sales growth

Ideal Customer Profile List
Prospecting Campaigns
9x More Conversations


Achieve fast, profitable growth

Sales Team Structure
Operational Execution
Accountability & Clarity

Getting started is easy.

1. Schedule a call.

We’ll work together to understand your situation and business goals and create an individualized action plan to get sales, revenue, and growth on track at your organization.


2. Execute your plan.

After helping you to clearly define your marketing message, as well as your sales and growth goals, we’ll put your plan into action. Our proven process will help you reach up to nine times more prospects!

3. Sell and grow.

Now that your message has connected with more prospective buyers than ever before, be prepared to fill your calendar with meetings, grow your sales, and surpass your revenue goals in months instead of years.

You’re focused on rapid, sustainable growth.

You deserve the sales to match.

If you’re like most growth-oriented B2B business owners and founders, you have what it takes to succeed.

You just lack the sales (or sales team) to take your business to the level you’ve always known it can reach. At ebs/Growth, we’ve taken the very best sales, marketing, and business methods and combined them with talent and technology to help you and your sales team close more deals than ever before.

When you have the growth mindset and the sales to match, you can become the envy of other business leaders because you’re able to grow to the point of being profitable, attracting investors, and making a wildly successful exit. Schedule a call today.

Access your free growth tool:

Anatomy of a Salesperson

It’s about time you figured out this “sales thing” and unlocked your business’ true potential.

At ebs/Growth, we understand how discouraging it is as a leader to spend so much time and effort building your business, only to be stymied in your growth by a lack of sales. If you’re ready to dramatically grow your sales so you can increase revenue, attract new investors, or position yourself for a wildly profitable exit, let’s talk.